City Nostra Game Concept

We are proud to present our game concept. Entire team hopes you enjoy it!


The goal of the game is to become the great Don of the Family earning respect and money. To do it the player has to conquer real territories of the city and defend it from other players.

Screenshot City Nostra


You have been accepted into the Family. At the beginning you are Asociati and your goal is to promote through the ranks to become the great Don of City Nostra raising your Respect level. To do this you must create an empire conquering territories of your actual city and around the world. But this will not be easy as there are other gangsters who also want to conquer the world.

Through the smartphone you must walk through your city looking for free territories or other player’s territories that you have to attack bribing or killing the enemy bullies.

Each territory controlled by you gives you a daily income coming from the “Pizzo”. The more territories you have, the more cash will be in your treasury and can perform attacks against other players.

As more territories you control and the more money and bullies you have, your Respect level increases and you can promote. But … Watch out! Every time someone attacks you, the level of respect can go down and make you lose reputation!


The most important game elements and in-game actions are:

  • The Map (geolocation):

The game board is a real map where all the action and every game element are displayed. The whole game and gameplay is based on the geolocation of the players. The game board is the whole world.

  • Territories:

The main interaction of the players with the map is through the territories. The player can conquer free territories (empty map areas) or territories from other players. A basic condition to interact with them is that the player must be physically inside them. So he/she has to move around the city to play. 

  • Respect points:

The main reward of the game is the Respect. The player earns Respect points attacking and conquering free and other’s territories. It makes the owned territories more difficult to attack and allows the player promote through the 7 levels of the Mafia Family.

  • Levels:

There are 7 levels to achieve before becoming a Don:

Badges City Nostra

Level 1: Associati (0 Respect Points)

Level 2: Soldato (2.000 Respect Points)

Level 3: Capodecime (4.000 Respect Points)

Level 4: Caporegime (8.000 Respect Points)

Level 5: Consigliere (16.000 Respect Points)

Level 6: Sottocapo (32.000 Respect Points)

Level 7: Don (64.000 Respect Points)

  • Attack modes (minigames):

When the player is inside other’s player territory has two ways to attack and decides the best one depending on the game strategy:

  • Bribery:

The player can bribe a free territory or the bullies from the opponent if the territory is conquered. The attacker has 3 different bets to make an offer. Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculates the amount of virtual currency of each one and the chance of success depending on the level of the 2 players. The player can buy a “Clue” with virtual currency to know which bet is the most successful before choosing one.

  • Shooting:

If the territory belongs to another player the attacker can try a shooting attack. It is a “Survival FPS Minigame” where the attacker has to survive a firefight against the bullies of the territory. The AI of the game calculates the survival time, the difficulty of the game and the ammo cost depending on the Respect level of the 2 players.

  • Resources:

Cash (virtual currency)

Cash is used to make the offer of the bribery, to pay the ammo for the shooting and the healings of Dr. Gandolfini.


The bullies defend the territory from other player’s attacks. The bullies can be placed in a territory with no need to be physically inside. The more bullies in a territory the most difficult is to conquer.

The Pizzo

The Pizzo is the daily income coming from the territories. The more territories, the more money is collected every day ($8.000/territory).


The player needs to pay the ammo to try a shooting.

Battle City Nostra

The battle to create an empire and conquer the world is about to begin!


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