The Origins. Chapter 1: “Urban Risk”

Hello Gangsters!

On this first chapter of “The Origins” story, we want to tell you the story about why we decided to create City Nostra!

It was around November 2010, after attending to the first Serious Game Design Summer School in Tampere (Finland), and our heads where full of creativity, fresh and original ideas about videogames and serious games (we really believe on Serious Games). When you have this state of mind everything was possible.

We love every kind of game and videogame, especially we love to play the board game “Risk”, on the other side we are extremely fans of the GPS technology and the possibilities that could bring to the gaming industry, so we decided to link them to create an urban videogame called “Urban Risk”, where the players could play the Risk in real life using their smartphones.

The idea was exciting because it was a game where the whole world could play together at the same time, creating a real MMORPG in our city streets. And of course the game had some commercial potential.

Check out our definition of the game:

“Urban Risk is the first strategy urban online and Location Based Game in Spain It lets the player conquer a whole city or exceed specific missions and challenges in order to win prizes, discounts and economical advantages within pubs, shops, restaurants and other commercial places in town”.

A really cool idea!

Check out our first “Game Concept Document” if you want to know more about the game:

Here, some storyboarding (could be better… :P)


The menu

city nostra

The map


The progress


The goal was to submit this first game concept to the “Golden Pineapple Awards”. And we did it! And the big surprise was that we got second place in the category of “The Highest Commercial Marketing Potential”! Cool!

We where so proud of this achievement, so we decided to go further with Urban Risk and try to create something big!

To be continued…

Want to know more? Stay tuned and download the game here!


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